“Maria Giubilei” Piano International Piano Competition

- 5 scholarships amounting to 670 € each

to cover the admission fees and cost of a piano course held by Maestro Aquiles Delle Vigne

at Sommerakademie “Mozarteum” 2019 in Salzburg

 4 of the scholarships are offered by 

 BMA Maglificio, Unicoop Firenze, Piccini Paolo spa, Sensus Hairlovers 

- “Marco Gennaioli Foundation” Prize

The youngest winner will be awarded an additional scholarship of 500€


“Paola Baschetti” International Piano Prize

- 1st prize: 2000€ (*)

 offered by “Marco Gennaioli Foundation” 

- 2nd prize: 1000€

 offered by Dr. Bruno Galardi 

- 3rd prize: 500€

- Contemporary Author prize: 500€

- FIDAPA Prize: to the female contestant getting the highest place among the winners (additional prize) 500€

(* This prize is indivisible: exaequo is not foreseen)

At the discretion of the organization, additional awards may be given out as well as some concert prizes as part of events organized by the Section of FIDAPA Upper Tiber Valley - Sansepolcro and/or by partner European institutions.

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