21th “Maria Giubilei” International Piano Competition



General rules

Art.1 In order to support the improvement of musical culture and sustain young musicians, FIDAPA “Alta Valle del Tevere” (I.F.B.P.W. - International Federation of Business and Professional Women), in cooperation with Centro Studi Musicali della Valtiberina, promotes a contest of musical performance reserved to Italian and foreign pianists.

Art.2 The competition will take place in Sansepolcro (Arezzo) in the local “S. Chiara” Auditorium, located in piazza S. Chiara, on 30 and 31 May, 1 and 2 June 2020. 

Art.3 The contest is made up of three different sections: 

“Contemporary Composer" Section - for piano or ensembles with piano up to quartet

Contestants must be aged 35 and below (born from 24 May 1984 onwards) - Auditions Saturday 30 May

“Marco Gennaioli” Section - (former “Maria Giubilei” section) - for piano

Contestants must be aged 25 and below (born from 24 May 1994 onwards) - Auditions will start on Sunday 31 May

International Piano Prize “Paola Baschetti” - for piano

Contestants must be aged 35 and below (born from 24 May 1984 onwards) - Auditions will probably start on Monday 1 June

Art.4 The candidates will be allowed to take part in more than one sections, provided they meet the age limit conditions and have paid the cumulative fee (see the sections Programme, Prizes and Subscription fees below).


The form has to be filled out in full online on the present website (www.studimusicalivaltiberina.it) by and no later Saturday 23 May 2020, including all information and attachments required. Applications received after the expiry date may be taken into account at the discretion of the Artistic Director. In case the number of applications exceeds the number allowed by the management of the audition calendar, early closure of the registrations is possible. Anyway payments received from unsuccessful registrations will be refunded. 

Art.6 The first- prize winner in a previous “Paola Baschetti Competition” will not be allowed to take part in the next editions in the same section. 

Art.7 Juries

“Contemporary Composer” Section

Ada Gentile (President), Monaldo Braconi, Alina Company

"Marco Gennaioli” / “Paola Baschetti” Sections

Aquiles Delle Vigne (President), Monaldo Braconi, Ada Gentile, Simon Over, Luigi Tanganelli

In case of unavailability of a member of the Jury, the organization reserves the right to replace him or her.

The judgement of the Jury is final.

Art.8 Calendar of events

The “Contemporary Composer” Section will take place on Saturday 30 May at times to be defined. The winners will be announced at the end of the auditions. Prize ceremony and winners’ concert will take placeat immediately after.

The "Marco Gennaioli” Section will start on Sunday 31 May at times to be defined. The winners will be announced at the end of the auditions.

The “Paola Baschetti” Section will probably start on Monday 1 June at times to be defined. The winners will be announced at the end of the auditions on Tuesday 2 June.

The Prize ceremony and winners’ concert of the "Marco Gennaioli" and "Paola Baschetti" sections will take place on Tuesday 2 June at 5.30 p.m.

Art.9 A calendar of auditions will be published on the contest website (www.studimusicalivaltiberina.it) a few days before the event. All contestants are due to be at the place, on the day and time stated in the calendar, or they will be excluded from the competition. Latecomers will be admitted at the discretion of the Artistic Director, performing after the other contestants. All travel expenses and accommodation are chargeable to the contestants. 

Art.10 All winners have to take part in the prize ceremony and winners’ concert under penalty of forfeiture of the award. The Jury will choose the contestants entitled to perform at the winners’ concert and no fee is due for their participation.

Art.11 Any video or audio recordings made by the organization during the competition, the prize ceremony and the winners’ concert may be used for promotional purposes free of charge. 

Art.12 During the competition, studio pianos will be made available at the Centro Studi Musicali della Valtiberina and an upright piano to warm-up before the audition at the seat of auditions - a Bechstein Grand Piano, offered by the Fabbrini Pianoforti in Pescara, will be the piano for competition. 

Art.13 The organization has the right to change the above regulations or even to cancel the whole competition or part of it, should any unforeseen event occur. In such case, enrolment fees will be refunded. The organization will not take on any responsibility for risks or damage of any kind occurring to the contestants during the period of the competition.

Art.14 According to Art. 10 of law N. 675/96 on the use of personal data, we inform you that the personal data given when enrolling will be kept and used only to send information related to the Association and, again in accordance with Art. 13 of the already-mentioned law, the holder of the personal data has the right to know, update, revise or cancel them, as well as to oppose to their use. 

Art.15 Enrolment implies the unconditional acceptance of the above regulations and of the following sections (Programmes – Prizes – Subscription fees). In any case, the original Italian version of the present regulation will be considered as the only authoritative version.



“Contemporary Composer” Section - for piano or ensembles with piano up to quartet

Maximum length: 20 minutes. The programme must include pieces (of one or more authors) composed from 1960 onwards. At least one piece must be composed before 1980 and at least another after 1980. 

“Marco Gennaioli” Section - for piano

Maximum length: 25 minutes. It must include at least the first movement of a sonata from Haydn, Clementi, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and at least a free piece by Chopin, Schumann, Liszt, Brahms, Debussy, Ravel, Bartok, Scriabin, Prokofiev, Rachmaninov. The programme can be filled up to the maximum time allowed with pieces at the contestant’s discretion. Playing from memory is required in this section, apart from pieces by contemporary composers.

“Paola Baschetti” Section - for piano

Maximum length: 40 minutes. The programme must include pieces by at least two different composers of different periods and styles. Playing from memory is required in this section, apart from pieces by contemporary composers.


“Contemporary Composer” Section

   - 1st Prize      Diploma + 1.000 €

   - 2nd Prize     Diploma

   - 3rd Prize      Diploma

At the discretion of the event organizers, additional concerts may be awarded as prizes

“Marco Gennaioli” Section

   - 1st Prize      Diploma + 500 €

   - 2nd Prize     Diploma

   - 3rd Prize      Diploma

   - “Masterclass Bonus”                         The first five classified will receive a bonus up to 670 € each intended to cover                                                                                    the admission fees and cost of piano masterclasses chosen by them, and attended                                                                                  within a year from the prize ceremony (* see Note)

(4 of the "Masterclass Bonuses are offered by BMA Maglificio - Gioni Aldo - Piccini Paolo spa - Sensus Hairlovers)

   - 2 Piano and Orchestra concerts    A competitor among the top 5 will be invited to perform in a concert for piano and                                                                                orchestra with the Southbank Sinfonia of London, to be scheduled in the summer                                                                                 2021 in London and then in Anghiari (AR – Italy). The winner will be selected by Simon                                                                             Over, conductor of the Orchestra and member of the Jury. A contribution up to 1.000 €                                                                       will be granted to the soloist to cover travel expenses for the two concerts

At the discretion of the event organizers, additional awards and some concerts may be given out as prizes

“Paola Baschetti” Section

   - 1st Prize      Diploma + 2.500 € (indivisible(offered by "Marco Gennaioli" Foundation)

   - 2nd Prize     Diploma + 1.000 € (offered by Galardi Family)

   - 3rd Prize      Diploma + 500 €

At the discretion of the event organizers, additional awards may be given out as well as some concerts as prizes

(*) Note - Masterclass Bonus (read carefully)

- The costs, refunded up to a maximum amount of € 670, will be paid back for attendance at master classes and piano master classes of any duration (even annual), organized by any institutions that propose relevant musical activities, which must be varied and not just limited to the master class the refund is asked for; this activity must be visible and available online on a dedicated website or web page whose address must be provided; 

- Academic courses, courses granting academic qualifications or equivalent to academic qualifications will not be taken into consideration.


The documents must include:

- the certificate of attendance, issued by the Institution in charge, on letterhead paper stamped and signed by the director or legal representative;

- the receipt of the payment for the enrolment and for the attendance issued within the valid period of the bonus (1 year starting from the date of awarding).


- The refund will be paid by bank transfer on the current account indicated by the winner (or other agreed methods). It will be reduced by any transfer costs if they are higher than € 5; 

- a maximum of two bank transfers will be possible for each winner;

- each bank transfer may be connected to one or more master classes attended up to the maximum amount of € 670;

- this amount of money will be available from the date of the awarding at the prize ceremony;

- a nominal commitment document showing these conditions in full will be issued by FIDAPA “Alta Valle del Tevere” (I.F.B.P.W. - International Federation of Business and Professional Women) and signed by the legal representative of this association.


Enrolment Fees


“Contemporary Composer” Section   -  soloist 90€  -  duo 140€. -  trio 180€  -  quartet 200€

“Marco Gennaioli” section   -   70€

“Paola Baschetti” section   -   100€


In case of enrolment to more than one section, a 10% reduction will be granted


Enrolment for competition implies unconditional acceptance of the full regulations in the Italian version


Artistic Director: Mauro Nadir Matteucci +39 393 4371610  narmat@fastwebnet.it

Organisational Help: Giovanna Miconi +39 338 4333906  giomiconi@inwind.it

Sansepolcro Tourist Office: +39 (0)575 740536 info@valtiberinaintoscana.it

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